Frequently Asked Questions

NCNW’s Washington-based International Development Center was established in 1975 and closed in 2009. During that time NCNW hosted a regional Africa office in Senegal also established in 1975, NCNW worked in 26 African nations implementing development projects in education, microcredit, women's empowerment, health, capacity-building and other areas. The mission of the IDC was to extend expertise gained through NCNW's domestic community development work and help improve the social and economic status of women internationally, particularly in the rural areas of Africa.
NCNW's name reflects collective pride in our heritage and in the roots of our organization, founded in 1935, a time when to be a Negro was understood to be part of a movement towards the educational upliftment and economic advancement of our people. Our continuing use of the name (which ultimately includes all Black people) - despite innumerable iterations in nomenclature for American people of African descent - reflects the awareness that what we call ourselves at any given moment is less important than who we are and where we stand on the continuum of time, in the context of our heritage, and in the development of our people.
Yes. Any member can move to another Section. The request must be made in writing or via e-mail by the individual member directly to the NCNW membershipoffice. No Section leader is authorized do this for you.
To change your address, please fill out a change of address form. If you have a name change, please fill out a name change form. Your next newsletter or renewal notice will be changed.
NCNW is currently sending its newsletters electronically using email marketing:
  • You can text NCNW to 22828 and reply with your email address to join our mailing list, or
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  • If your membership has lapsed you can reinstate your membership at anytime by mailing in a current payment directly to us, contacting your local section or renewing on-line. You must have your membership number to renew. If you have lost your membership number, please e-mail us at membership@ncnw.org or call us at 1-202-383-9121.
    Contact the membership department at membership@ncnw.org or call us at 1-202-383-9121
    Life, Legacy Life members, and associates who are life may are strongly encouraged to donate to the national office. You can do so by mailing your contribution directly to us or by donating online.